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Jet Start your Productivity with Notion as a Student

University and college students often find it challenging to keep up with different aspects of life. Keeping track of all the schedules, applications, cooking, classes, assignments, and social activities can get a bit too overwhelming. Such commitments will keep us on our toes. However, one way of rightly managing them is to structure them reasonably in our heads to easily organize and remember the tasks. 
It can be made possible through our brains, which are designed to perform every challenging task human has to deal with, but with time and undue stress, even our minds can get fused. This is where the Notion comes to play a part! 
This all-inclusive workspace mobile and desktop app are specifically designed to organize and structure your tasks in a manner that works for you. The productivity tool provides an opportunity for people to be intentional and more formalized regarding their functions in all life disciplines. Notion for students mainly serves as a tool for making hectic schedules seem more sorted out and organized, so you don’t lose track of your student life. 

Is Notion Free for Students? 

The notion app is free of cost for students who want to organize their tasks and schedules from scratch. The best part for students is the note-taking feature of Notion that enables you to formally structure your data and make your notes easily describable and well-connected. Beyond saving a bookmark – the flexible approach allows one to establish a relationship among various tidbits of knowledge. 
Moreover, the way Notion stores your information in a fool-proof way will take your undue stress away and not let you get cracked under pressure. The block style of the app enables you to create customized pages for yourself in a few minutes. With its database feature, for example, you can make different components for representing other areas of your life and create a timely plan accordingly. 

How to Use Notion as a Student? 

Although the app might look foreign to you as you look at the home screen with a blank page, once you get yourself to use the features of the website, you would note drastic improvements in your student life. 
Blocks and Databases
Technically, each web page on the app acts as a blank slate in which you can add databases, images, file links, tables, and whatnot. These items come in a block form. For students, the following blocks will be the most helpful: 
    • Headers
    • To-dos
    • Text
    • Tables
    • Images 
These are some of the app’s essential functions and are used extensively to take notes in the classroom. 
You can simply drag a block towards the right of the display screen, and the app will automatically create a second column with no change in formatting. 
Learn more about the usage of notion:

Best Notion Templates for Students 

If you want to explore even more features in Notion, simply select the “/“ button and see everything that will make your experience even better. Notion student plan involves a series of templates present in the gallery in which you can create custom pages and take your note-taking to another level. 
The gallery is filled with third-party templates created by Notion Team. You can create your own template as well. If you want to see even more varieties of templates, you can refer to online platforms such as Notion Expert and Notion Subreddit. Here, you can find a multitude of aesthetically pleasing designs for you. 
Here, we have collected the best Notion Templates that you can use to manage your study life effectively.
You can duplicate any template by selecting the Duplicate option on the top right corner of the Notion page. Doing so will make the template appear in your workspace. Here, you can further customize it according to your specific needs. 

Benefits of Using Notion App for Students 

Now that you have a basic idea about how to set up Notion for students, it is integral to find how you can use the app effectively as a student and what are the results you can expect from using such an app. Without further ado, let’s dive into the fantastic benefits the app has to offer to students. 

    1. Notion Pricing 

If you are wondering, “Is Notion free for students?” or if there is a Notion pricing plan for students, then don’t be afraid of getting the good news – it is free for students! 

    2. Refine your Ideas 

You can use the Notion app to refine your ideas and keep them in store before you can use them in an assignment or some research project. You can do the same regarding the maintenance of a book list or any other thing as a source while curating an essay. 

    3. Customized Themes

Notion for Ph.D. students is especially great for thesis planning as it has a built-in section for thesis planning as one of its templates. Notion for university students is also great to work with – for example, the Cornell Note Taking Method template is also available to ease students’ note-taking plans. 

    4. Active Recalling

To combat the otherwise usual forgetting curve and build an effective routine for studying, the Toggle Feature of the Notion app is exemplary. It works on the principle of actively stimulating your memory cells so you can better be able to understand and memorize a concept. 

    5. Spaced Repetition

It is an evidence-backed learning methodology for combatting the forgetting curve. The principle behind this method is in reviewing the material several times with deliberately increasing time intervals. This makes sure that the learning is solidified in your mind. 
The rule applies that you review the material within eight hours of the initial exposure, and then a day after that, following by a week and a month until you are indeed able to grasp the topic at your tips. A lot of Notion templates are available to track your progress in this technique. It allows you to carefully visualize and plan the work according to what content and at what time you will study. 

    6. Better Organization 

The actual power behind using relational databases in the app is depicted when you utilize them. As a student, you can enlist several distinct buckets and subcategorize your tasks as you go: 
Personal Development: You can add a personal blog, goal set page, future skills, and exercise spreadsheet 
Action Zone: Your databases will track your to-do lists, daily, weekly, or monthly plans, and habit tracking. You can also use the Calendar View section to assess your progress. 
Vaults: you can also use databases for storing information like book lists, recipe books, calendars, and whatnot. 
Future Projects: You can use the database for organizing future projects and skills you want to establish 

    7. Control What you See

Of course, using the app for sorting out almost everything can sound a bit too overwhelming, especially for students who are going through so many assignments and classes one after another. However, Notion comes with viewing options and filters, using which you can filter out any column for getting the view of your choice. For instance, you might want to see items on the task list that are needed to be done on a single day, so you can only enable the option for daily goals for the relevant day. 

Why Should Students use Notion?

Students should use the Notion app to enhance their organizational skills as well as improve their studying methodologies. They can ease the burden on them using the app as it makes it easier to handle different tasks without overloading the brain with complications. The app comes with no restrictions on organizing and using creativity to obtain better results in lecture notes, files, and class projects. With Notion’s help, students can make their tasks more enjoyable and alleviate the discomfort as they complete an assignment. 

Final Word

If you are struggling to keep up with the strenuous and never-ending trail of class schedules, lecture notes, assignments, and other complications every student has to face in his or her life, then Notion is going to be the best solution for you. Use this app to make your life more convenient, productive, organized, and sorted out. With so many perks that come with using this app in a student’s life, it is no exaggeration to say that Notion works as your second brain. 

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